Mufti: Balut is Haram

Mufti: Balut is Haram

Jurisconsult on Islamic Health

BARMM, 5 September 2019 – Ifta’ holds session today at Ifta Conference Room to review if balut falls on halal or haram.

It can be recalled that all halal animals must be slaughtered according to Islamic rites by mentioning the name of Allah.

The exception to said rule are those animals killed on hunting by expressing bismillah when shooting them using gun or bow and arrow.

Another exception includes animals that fall in a hole where slaughtering is not possible and it is slaughtered by hitting any visible areas of its body in order to die.

In the case of balut, it is placed inside the incubator but prior to hatching, on 16-18th days old, it is harvested and boiled without the benefit of letting the chick to come out of its shell and be subjected to slaughtering in Islamic rites.

In gist, balut is haram.


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