Preventing Women Trafficking

Preventing Women Trafficking

      Jurisconsult on Islamic Health 

Davao City, Philippines – The Bangsamoro Darul-Ifta was invited to attend and speak on the Prevention of Women Trafficking held at Hotel Tropika, Lanang, Davao City.

The organiser presented the survivor woman from trafficking who is raised from parents with chaotic relationships with negative support from extended families. Her mother left her in her step-father when she was teen but her step-father continually abused her that prompted her to stow away and experienced miserable life (God forbid).

Many thanks to the organiser who saved her and presently trying to live a normal life outside her real family.

In Islam, it is imperative to build a righteous family. It is the teaching of Islam to choose whom to marry because blood will tell.

During the time of The Prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, the man complained to him why his son is physically abusing him as a his father. “Did you consider the bloodline of your mate when you intend to marry her? “I do not know that it will influence our offsprings”, the man replied.

In similar narration, the women are married because of four criteria: beauty, wealth, social status, and piousness, but choose the pious one.

Likewise, if a man proposes a marriage to you (i.e. the woman), accept him if he is pious and good behaviour.

Adhering therefore to the afore-cited Islamic guidance will surely help the couples to build a righteous family!


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